One of the great things about traveling is the people you meet, and one of the greatest things about the people you meet are the people you meet from the people you have met. You can see how that could go on forever and can probably imagine why it should. We have met some great people out there around every turn. Since we began sailing back in 2007 our group of what we like to call “sailing friends” has grown exponentially, and I think we’ve barely scratched the surface.

On our boat-search road trip this was no exception. From free night stays (thanks so much Todd and Chee!) to a last minute invitation to a Christmas party (thank you Brandon and Christine!) we had great people in spades. We met one boat owner who just recently stopped skiing in his mid-80s, another couple that gave us advise about water makers, and even more that simply gave us encouragement about our plans.

It’s not only the scenery we are looking forward to on this adventure, it’s the people as well. After almost 3,500 miles driving around Florida we’re even more excited about the people we will meet along the way.

Have Fun,

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