Moving the Boat for the First Time

Today is the day.  The day we get to see the boat again!!!!  Even though it is 5:00 in the morning, I am super excited to get on the road.  We had to wake up so early in order to turn in our moving truck on time.  See, we decided to stay in Pensacola an extra day and play, which meant that we were one day later getting onto the boat and unpacking.

Before we unload the moving truck, we want to move the boat to the marina where we are going to be for the next month.  Because St. Augustine has a pretty big tide and the marina is up a river, we need to get there so we can move the boat at high tide, which is at 2:30pm.  St. Augustine is 6 hours away per the Googs (Google) but since we are in a moving truck that cannot go faster than 77 mph and we will stop at least a couple of times, we think that it will actually take us 7 hours.  We also have a time change to deal with so we should arrive at 1pm (fingers crossed).

As we drive down the road and get closer to the boat, I start to get more and more nervous.  I am already a cautious person and when I get into stressful situations, I spend even more time thinking about things instead of reacting.  That isn’t always the most useful response especially when we are moving the boat to a dock where we may run into another boat or the dock if I don’t react to changing situations quickly.

I worry that we will only have about an hour and a half to drop off the moving truck at the marina we will be staying at, get an Uber over to the marina where the boat is moored, dingy out to the boat, get everything turned on and make sure it is running properly, move the boat to the new marina and tie up on the dock.

I am really stressing.  This is not going to be enough time, which means we will rush, which means I will mess up something and could potential damage the boat, our most valuable possession and our home.

As I am stressing, I think about all the people who asked me if I was nervous in the last couple of months.  I had told them, yes of course I am, but not about the boat.  I am nervous about the drastic change in our lives, about the unknown, about so many things, but not about the boat.  We have sailed lots of times.  I was SOOOOOO confident when I was miles away from the boat and weeks away from living on it.  All I can do is laugh at myself at how confident I was and how scared I am now.

Finally, I break down and tell Dan I am scared.  I want to go over exactly what I am supposed to do.  He is going to drive the boat and I am in charge of handling the lines.  The best case scenario is that the marina has someone meet us and I throw the lines to them and they tie us off.  However, if that doesn’t happen, I need to know what I am supposed to do.  We run through scenarios of different things that could go wrong and what I should do.  I know it isn’t every possible situation, but I am feeling better about the whole thing.

We finally get to the marina and figure out that we are in one of the easiest spots to maneuver into.  It seems like, at most, we only have the possibility of hitting one other boat, which is awesome.  At least it isn’t 20!  We see the height of the dock and where it comes up to on other boats so we know where we need to tie our fenders.  If we do hit the dock, we will hit with these soft squishy protectors.  We also find out that high tide is really at 3:30 not 2:30 so we have another hour to move the boat over.

I start to calm down.  Dan says he doesn’t need to worry because I worry enough for the two of us. Haha!

We uber over to the marina where the boat is and start the dingy.  Everything seems to working fine so we head out to the boat. When we get there, Dan runs around checking things and starts the engine while I try to make sure Dillion is being feed a constant stream of treats.  He doesn’t really understand the movement of the boat and keeps ducking down.  I am not sure how he is going to do on the boat but that is a problem for another day.

Dan says we are ready to go so I untie us from the mooring ball.  Well, I attempt to untie us but it is so knotted up that I cannot undo it.  Dan tells me to go to the helm and he takes over at the mooring ball.  After a couple of minutes of trying to untie it, he takes out his knife and cuts the line. We are finally free!!

Oh crap, this is for real.

As we motor over to the marina we are staying at, I get the lines all ready to throw over.  I tie up the fenders and put them at the right height so we won’t smash into the dock. We are all set.

When we get close, Dan calls the marina on our radio.  No answer.  He waits a minute and calls them again.  No answer.  Oh no, I am going to have to do this without any help.   As I try to distract myself so I don’t go into a full panic, Dan spots someone on the dock walking toward our slip.  Even though they didn’t answer our radio call, they were there to help.

Woohoo!!!  Relief washes over me.

I throw the lines to the dock master and he ties us off.  We didn’t hit anything!!!!!  Now, it is time for a safe arrival cocktail 🙂


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  1. Ok… so how long will you be in St. Auggie? Me and my crewe will be there for the Pirate gathering, twice a year….. it’s a party! Captain Mike Monkey Bones will greet ya. ☠️

  2. My takeaway from that post: you and Dan are a perfect match. Good luck w boat repairs!

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