Do you smell that?

As I am peacefully enjoying my Saturday afternoon, completely unaware of the impending doom that is about to become my week, Dan says to me, “Do you smell that?”

Dan has an amazing sense of smell and can often smell things way before I can. I don’t even bother to try to smell whatever it is that he is smelling. I reply back with a no and continue playing on my computer.

He starts sniffing around and eventually opens our forward head door. He found where the smell is coming from. This cannot be good…it is coming from our bathroom! Hopefully, Dan can figure out the smell and that whatever is wrong, isn’t bad. Best if I just play on my computer. I am sure the situation will disappear if I ignore it. Ha!

Dan comes out of the head gagging. He tells me the smell under the sink is terrible which can only mean one thing, we have a leak somewhere in our sewage system. Because Dan has such a strong sense of smell, it is almost impossible for him to function under the sink. He cannot find the leak but he can see a drip. The drip was coming from a three-way-valve which means there are three places where sanitation hose connects to the valve…lots of places for potential leaks.
Shoot! There goes my peaceful afternoon.

I get down on the floor and contort my body under the sink to see around the back of the valve. The drip is coming from the connection where the top hose is connected to the valve. Apparently, that is a pretty easy fix, we just need to tighten or replace the current clamps and voila no more leakage! Woohoo!

Dan knew if we turned the valve so that piece wasn’t open, it should stop the leak while we run to the store to get more clamps. Dan turns the valve and instead of feeling relief that we have stopped the problem, we realize the problem is much worse. There is another leak and this time it is coming from the handle on the valve. This isn’t going to be an easy fix.

After talking with Scott, Dan realized that the way the sewer system was rigged was really janky. There are two three-way-valves which means lots of places for potential leaks. Also, the hoses were run in a way that didn’t make any sense. Scott knew the best thing to do was to replace the whole plumbing system.

We setup a bucket to catch the leakage and headed off to West Marine but unfortunately, they didn’t have the brand of sanitation hose that Scott suggested and, of course, the only place locally that did sell it wasn’t open until Monday.
This means we are to have to deal with a stinky situation for two more days!!!

Monday comes but we are dreading working on this project. It is going to be gross and dirty and it is something we have never done before. We finally head to the store late in the afternoon and get the parts we need. Once we are back to the boat, we decide that we have done enough for the day. It is already late in the day and honestly, didn’t we do a lot towards fixing it by going and getting all the parts?

In the morning, we have no excuses. We need to fix this situation! Dan starts on it at about 10 am and I start helping around noon after I have gotten some bookkeeping work done. When I say, I start helping, what I mean is I am standing around watching Dan and giving my wonderful advice. You know, from all those years of handy-man work. Hahahahaha!

After a couple of spillages, accidentally pouring some poopy-sewage water on myself, and a change of clothes, we finally got all the old parts out. It is 5pm. I am ready to stop, get clean and work on the rest of it tomorrow. Dan says he would rather keep working and get the project finished today.

So, we pull out the cleaning supplies and start scrubbing. We want to get it all clean before we put in the new pieces. After scrubbing once, we let it air out a little bit and then Dan starts sniffing around. He can still smell disgustingness. We scrub again. And again. And again.

Eventually, we think we got it all and now it is time to put in the new hoses. I am exhausted and head to bed while Dan continues working until midnight. He wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to finish the project today.

In the morning, we open the head door and Dan does one final sniff test. We have finally gotten the stink out! Woohoo!!!!

I think we should take the day off and go to the beach 😉


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