Helping Hands in the Boating Community

Purrfection is getting pulled out of the water.  I have been on her a couple of times and she is a big, beautiful catamaran.  So big, you can’t see the whole boat from the helm, which means you are steering blind. Our friends, Ray and Cristal need our help.  Well, maybe they didn’t need it, but they were going to get it.

Ray and Cristal were taking Purrfection out of the water because last week, they realized damage had been done to their hatches (windows) and it was bad enough that it damaged their fiber glass.  The boat repair people (I am sure there is a technical term for them…but I have no idea what it is) could fix the hatches while Purrfection was in the water but not the fiber glass.  They needed to pull her out.

This is a little tricky because Purrfection is so big it cannot go on out the normal way.  They need to move her to a special boat ramp and put a trailer under her.  Usually, sailboats get taken out by putting two huge slings underneath them and pulling them up.  Since Purrfection was too wide to fit in the slings, they had to use the special ramp.  This ramp is pretty narrow and is tricky to maneuver into so we were there to help.

Three other people, who had boats being worked on in the same boat yard, came over to help as well.  It is really awesome how people in the boating community are willing to lend a helping hand to others.

Luckily, there was almost no wind. Ray had already planned it so he was moving Purrfection when it was slack tide which meant there was almost no current at all.  Before we started moving it, Gaylen, the captain who was going to move the boat, said that he hoped we could do it one shot and that last time it had taken two.

As I was only really there to help throw and catch lines, I didn’t really know if we would be able to do it in one shot.  I figured I would do whatever I could to help, but sort of felt like a third wheel.  Not really sure what my purpose was.

Jon, Sue and I stayed on the dock and untied the 8 or so lines holding Purrfection.  Dan, Ray and Gaylen were on the boat, moving the lines to the other side of the boat and helping direct Gaylen because he couldn’t see the dock where they were moving her to.

It was easy peasy!  No problems at all!  Gaylen did a great job of driving the boat in and another boater came and helped with lines as well.  They had four of us on the dock to tie up the lines and get them lined up so the boat yard could back a trailer down and take Purrfection out of the water.

Now, it was time to help out the next boater 🙂

Gaylen and Sherry’s boat, Shenanigans, had been struck by lightning and they were at the boat yard to get all their electrical systems redone.  They had been there for several months but were close to being ready to take off.  Gaylen was putting the finishing touches on Shenanigans and one thing he wanted to do was wax the boat.  He had already waxed one side of the boat and now wanted to do the other, so he wanted to flip the boat around so the other side was touching the dock.

We went over to Shenanigans to help but this time, we were not so successful.  Gaylen couldn’t even get the engines to start!  I pray that we never get struck by lightning!  I am pretty sure there is nothing we can do to prevent or avoid lightning and our mast is a big, tall, metal pole just waiting to attract lightning.

Since we couldn’t help Shenanigans, we went back to Maverick to work on our own projects. Later, we headed over to a cruiser meetup at Ann O’Malleys. There is a lady there who makes cruisers free food and I was ecstatic to see a chicken, rice, broccoli, and cheese casserole.  It was so good!!!! I had to go back for seconds. 🙂

Lots of laughs and good conversations later, we noticed a pair of sunglasses left on the table.  This cracked me up because another cruiser and I had a conversation about how she had someone’s sunglasses and they were a monkey on her back.  I am not 100% sure but I think these sunglasses were brought by her so she could give them back to the owner, who didn’t show up.  I have no idea if these sunglasses are those ones or not but I can’t help but giggle about the fact that this lady was tired of dragging these sunglasses around and then she happens to “forget” them.  Bwhahaha!!

She probably doesn’t even remember leaving them on the table and I wonder if I should ask her about it.  I know when you have something of someone else’s it can feel like a burden to hold onto and remember to bring it with you next time you see them. Also, being on a boat, we don’t have a lot of space to store a whole bunch of other people’s stuff.  When we lived at our house with a pool, people would leave stuff all the time.  Coolers, shoes, sunglasses, food containers, you name it.  We made a lost-and-found bin and put it in our garage, but now we barely have space for all our stuff let alone other people’s stuff.  Haha!

If she happened to forget them, she may feel relieved that she doesn’t have to worry about them anymore. In my mind, the owner obviously doesn’t care because otherwise she would have come over to the other person’s boat and picked them up already.

Now, they are a monkey on my back. LOL! Which is what makes me laugh!!!  Now, it is my job to find the owner, remember to bring the glasses and then remember give them back once seeing the owner.  Haha!  Hopefully that happens soon 🙂


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