What the heck are we doing??

You may be wondering why we are still in St Augustine.  See what had happened was…

When we bought Maverick, our boat, we knew that it was probably going to take us a couple of months to fix her up but honestly, I thought we would be done in about a month.  We did a survey on her, which is like a home inspection.  The survey said Maverick was in pretty good condition and there was a list of something like 30 things that needed to be fixed.  When we looked at the list, we didn’t think any of the things would be too difficult to fix and were pretty optimistic about how long it would take us to fix Maverick.

What we didn’t realize was just how terrible the electrical situation was on Maverick.  Every time we went to install something or fix a problem, Dan would uncover that the electric wasn’t run properly.  It was so bad that we decided to move the breaker panel so we could easily access it to fix things.  We also decided to re-run a lot of the wiring on the boat.

Another problem, that we were aware of when we bought Maverick, was the sheave at the top of the mast needed to be replaced.  When we raise the sail up, it moves easily because there is a pulley at the top of the mast.  The line stays on the pulley because of the sheave.  I really have no idea what this even really means but I imagine it looks something like this:

I am sure I am pretty close with my drawing. HAHAHA!

Anyway, I don’t really need to understand. All I know is that we have had 4 different people go up the mast (Dan, Corey and two professionals) and none of them can get the sheave out. It is corroded in there and completely stuck.

Both the electrical work and the sheave require professionals.  Well, maybe they don’t require it, but I don’t really feel like trying my hand at electrical work when I might get shocked or start Maverick on fire.

So we set out to find people to help us with our problems. We pretty quickly found a great electrician who has been on our boat almost every day for four weeks helping us with the wiring. He has finished our initial project but there are a couple of other things we found that we need a little help with.  Hopefully, it will be done this week.

Finding someone who could help us with the mast situation was a bit harder.  The first professional we found, also had a full time job.  He could only help us after work and on the weekends and he was often busy.  It was a couple of weeks before he told us there was only two solutions, go to his workplace and either get the mast pulled or he could get a cherry picker and try to get it out with power tools from the cherry picker.

Well, we hadn’t heard very good stuff about his employer.  Not that the guy helping us did a bad job, but we know a couple of people who got their boats damaged there or saw things that just didn’t seem like the boat yard was treating every boat like the baby we think it is.

We told our electrician about our problems and he suggested another professional.  The second professional was out of town until last week, but he came to the same conclusion as the first professional.  The only difference was that he used a different boat yard, which we had heard great things about.

Cross your fingers folks, but next week on Thursday or Friday, we may have this second guy fix our sheave!  He is going to rent a cherry picker and hopefully get the old sheave out in a couple of hours.  Then we can get a new one, which won’t take long and he won’t need the cherry picker to install the one.

If this works and our electrician finishes with his work, we may be ready to leave in a week or two!!!  I am so excited!!!!  Now, we won’t actually leave as soon as they get done because we still need to do sea trials.  A sea trial is where we will take Maverick out for a short trip and see what breaks.  We don’t want to go on a long passage without first testing our systems on a shorter one 🙂

I am getting excited and feel a little nervous about putting this on the internet because I don’t want to jinx us!


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  1. Be careful about hurricane season! We pushed our departure date to October because you need to be below a certain longitude to be safe once hurricane season starts. Congrats on almost completing your projects – that’s AWESOME ?!

    1. Author

      Thanks for looking out for us!!! We think we can still make it to Grenada at this point but if all doesn’t go as planned we may head north first and go to the Mediterranean. 🙂

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