The Guys Destroyed the Boat!

I got home late last night after being away for a couple of days in Atlanta for Bookkeeper Boost 2017.  Yes, there are bookkeeping conventions and they are a lot of fun!! Haha!  You know you are crazy when they ask a room full of bookkeepers to raise your hand if you like reconciling bank statements and you are one of the few that raises their hand.  Apparently, I am crazy even amongst other bookkeepers. #Winning!

While I was out getting excited about how apps can integrate with Quickbooks, Dan and Corey were back on Maverick, our boat, breaking things.  I seriously cannot leave these two alone ever again!

After arriving at midnight, the first thing I noticed was the boom was taken off the mast. Here is a video showing them take it off.

See the missing piece?  Maverick looks so weird without a boom!!!

Good grief, I thought.  What had these two been up to?  I headed below deck and because Dan and Corey were already asleep, it was dark so I didn’t notice the horror that was below.  I turned around after climbing down the ladder was shocked to see our floor was all torn up. I didn’t even notice that Dillion’s, our dog, crate had been moved and put my bags right in front of it so Dillion couldn’t see out.  I am not sure he cared but I felt bad this morning when I realized what I had done.

Apparently, the previous owner had glued down a rug to the floor.  Dan and Corey were searching for where wires came out of the mast and they had to take up some of the floor boards to figure this out. In order to take up the floor boards, the rug had to be unglued, which meant there was a disaster.

Dan said he tried to save the rug, but I am not too worried. It looked nice, but it wasn’t my taste. Most boats don’t even have carpet or rugs in the interior.  I assume it is because the floors are constantly getting wet and rugs are not so great in that environment.  When we first moved onboard, we thought it was really weird, but Dillion loves carpet.  When we lived in our house, he would run everywhere inside except the kitchen because it was tiled.  I am not sure where he learned his crazy ticks from but I am sure it isn’t from me.  Haha!

At least with the rug torn up, it gives me an opportunity to redo the whole interior on Maverick. 😉 I love the modern look so I think I am going to decorate everything in black and white with a splash of red.  It might look weird on our traditional boat, but YOLO!!!!  (Ok I am joking…but secretly I am not)

After seeing the boom gone and the floor torn up, all I wanted to do was wash my face and go to bed, so I headed to the aft head, our bathroom. What did I see when I opened the door?  The shower was torn up.  What the heck?!?!

The shower was leaking before I left and I guess Dan and Corey decided the best time to fix it was when I was gone.  I prefer taking showers on Maverick versus at the marina, because I get really weirded out about foot germs.  I don’t use hand sanitizer and don’t really care if you are sick around me, but putting my feet where other people’s wet feet have been is something I cannot handle.  Even with my shower shoes, it still grosses me out.  Since I wasn’t there to take a shower onboard, it could get all dry and they could fix the leak.

I found out this morning that the shower was really causing some grief.  Corey was working on fixing it and I think at one point he threatened to sink Maverick because the shower was being such a pain.  Apparently, Poseidon or someone heard him because he was able to finish fixing it today.

Now, you may be wondering why the boom was taken off and why we needed to see where the wires were coming out of the mast.  The reason is because we got back the cost estimates on using a cherry picker to fix the sheave at the top of the mast and it was way too expensive so now we are off on the adventure of taking our mast off.

Looks like Wednesday or Thursday of next week we will get the mast pulled. Who knows what will happen after that!


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    1. Author

      It isn’t fun living in a chaos but it all needs to be done so we can go sailing. 🙂

    1. Author

      I don’t have any 🙁 I think Corey and Dan took some…let me see if I can get them!

  1. It’s seems there is never a dull moment on your boat. Hopefully the last of the repairs get finished soon so you can set sail.

  2. Remodeling only leads to more remodeling until everything has changed. Fun in the beginning…horrible in the middle….exciting when finished. Experience from building clubs.

    1. Author

      It isn’t so bad…wish we were looking at beautiful water and beaches but I am glad we are getting this stuff fixed now instead of it going wrong in the middle of no where. 🙂

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