It’s Mast Pulling Day

We have been having a problem with the top of the mast.   We thought we could hire people to go to the top and fix it, but that didn’t work. Then, we checked out getting a cherry picker and having someone try to fix it from there, but we found out that was going to cost way more than getting the mast pulled.

In order to get the mast off Maverick, we had to move her to nearby boat yard.  We hired a professional to help us and he organized a crane to take the mast off the boat.  Then we are going to leave the mast in the yard for a couple of days or weeks depending on what needs to be done to it to fix it.

One big reason we didn’t want to pull the mast was we were happy being ignorant.  I mean ignorance is bliss….right??  What we didn’t know wouldn’t hurt us, at least we hoped it wouldn’t.  What we didn’t want happen was we find out Maverick was rotted like Plaintiffs Rest from Have Wind Will Travel or something equally bad!

Watch this video to see how it went…


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  1. Easily my fav video so far!! Love the personal and highly relatable commentary with just a “hint” of sarcasm thrown in! ?

    Love y’all!! You are so inspirational!!

  2. Wowsers. Bad news bears day, it sounds like. And yet the music is so upbeat. Staying optimistic!

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