We are finally cruisers!!

It was almost 6 months ago that we bought Maverick and 5 months ago we moved aboard.  The day we moved onto her, Dan asked me if it finally felt real.  Did it finally feel like we were living our dream of seeing the world on our sailboat? At the time, it did not feel real at all. The only thing I could think about was unpacking everything.  Once we unpacked, it would feel real.  At least, that is what I thought.

But it didn’t.

After we unpacked, we had a long list of boat projects which kept growing. As the list grew, it seemed our dream was getting pushed further and further away.  We would start on one problem and find five more, which was really disheartening.  I knew from reading other people’s blogs that you never fully complete all of your boat projects but it still felt like we were never going to live our dream.

We put in many hours over the last five months fixing Maverick. Sometimes, I felt like giving up and going back home.  I thought, this isn’t what I signed up for.  I don’t want to live on a boat in St Augustine, Florida forever.  I don’t want Dan to be working every day on boat projects.  Instead, I want him to be relaxing and swimming on the beach.

Every week, I thought we were almost done and would be ready to go in two more weeks.  But projects always seemed to take longer than anticipated.  For example, our mast was off and being fixed for almost two months.  My sister, Ginger, thought that I didn’t know how to tell time because every time she talked to me, I told her that we were getting it put back on “next Wednesday.”

We eventually got that project done but the mast was put back on Maverick on a Thursday not a Wednesday.  🙂

Although we have many more boat projects to go, we have all the major ones done. At least, we think we have them all done. Haha!

Yesterday, we left the dock where we have been living for the last five months.  We brought Maverick out into the ICW, the Intercostal Waterway, and we even went through our first bridge on her. It was a pretty exciting day!    Dan called ahead to the draw bridge and got the a-okay to go through.  They raised it up for us…and some other boats, but I like to think that it was just for us.

We only went a short distance but we are now on a mooring ball. We are still in St. Augustine, but somehow if feels different.  We can no longer walk off our boat onto a dock and go to land whenever we want, which may seem scary or even claustrophobic to some but to me it feels free.  We are free to go wherever we want.

As I sit here in the cockpit drinking my coffee this morning, we are surrounded by water and Maverick is gently bobbing with the waves.  I finally feel like we are living our dream. We are finally ready to start seeing the world.


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  1. Congrats!! You’ve worked so hard and are finally sailing! Can’t wait for the amazing tales to come!

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