Heading to Brunswick, Georgia

We are heading to Georgia!!  I got up this morning at 4am to take Dillion, our dog, to shore.  I have astroturf for him on the boat but he won’t go on it on the boat. If I put the turf on land, he will go on it.  I haven’t quite figured out how to entice him to go on it on the boat so I woke up and took him in our dinghy, Goose.

It was a little scary going by myself at that hour.  What if the engine failed?  What if someone grabbed me off the street where I was walking?  And there were animals everywhere splashing around.  I don’t know if they were dolphins, fish, or something else, but I kept thinking a shark was about to eat me. HAHAHA!

Why do I think these crazy thoughts?  Who knows? I think I like to add a little drama to my life ;P

Aside from some strange dude asking me if I had a lighter, our walk was uneventful.


When I got back to Maverick, our boat, Dan and I hauled Goose out of the water and put her on the forward deck.  We then finished getting Maverick ready to head out. One last check to make sure everything was secure down below and check the engine to make sure it was all running well.

When we thought we were ready to go, the sun still hadn’t risen but it was light enough that we could see.  It was perfect timing to head out, so we pulled the mooring lines free and headed out the St Augustine inlet.


Once we passed the buoys marking the channel and headed north, the sun finally came up. It was a beautiful sunrise because there were clouds on the horizon.  The sun was shining behind them and made them light up an orange-y color.  It felt like it was a sign that today was going to be a great day.

We think it will take us about 12 hours to get to our destination, Brunswick, Georgia.  We will hopefully get there before dark.  There are also two other issues to deal with.  One is the tides.  High tide is at 3:13pm in Brunswick, which means that there may be a strong current pushing us out instead of letting us go into Brunswick.  The second issue, is that it looks like it might start raining today around 2pm.

If we arrive in Brunswick and it is dark and raining and we have to fight a strong current, it could be bad. If we had been there before and knew where everything was and how to get around, it wouldn’t be so bad but it could still not be safe.

We will see how it goes.  As we head up the Florida and Georgia coastlines, we may make great time.  The rain storm may shift and we may get to Brunswick sooner than we think. BUT, if that isn’t what happens, we have multiple locations along the way figured out where we can stop and spend the night.

I really hope we make it the whole way, but one of the stops has wild horses, which would be really cool to see.


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  1. God does great work painting those sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy every one of them and the moments in between. Love you!

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