Exploring Brunswick

Today, Dan and I met some friends for lunch.  We had met Sherry and Gaelan on Shenanigans (their boat) in St Augustine.  They moved up to Brunswick a couple of weeks ago…maybe more than a month…time is becoming very vague in my mind.  They were heading to the airport after lunch so they didn’t have a lot of time, but we it was good seeing them again.

And as it turns out, it is a small world.  Crystal’s sister (Crystal is a friend of mine from Fort Worth, TX) lives in Brunswick and works at Tipsy McSways, the restaurant we decided to go to lunch at.  It was fun meeting her!

On our way back, we walked through this little park where there was a replica of an old Liberty Ship from World War II. Between 1943 and 1945, Brunswick shipyards built 99 of these 447 foot cargo vessels which helped bring needed supplies and equipment across the ocean.  They got paid to make six ships a month but they made seven and requested that they didn’t get paid for the extra work required.

I get chills thinking about how hard these people worked to help our country.  I wonder if people today would be so dedicated to a cause.  Here is about the ships http://www.goldenisles.com/lore-legends-of-golden-isles/liberty-ships.

We also stopped by Peacemaker which is this 124 foot ship that looks like an old pirate ship. It got started being built in 1986 and was finished in 2007.   The current owner envisions using it to be a representation of a seagoing life. They also want to provide apprenticeships for youth to learn sailing, how to work together in tight quarters and cross-cultural experiences. It seems like a pretty cool adventure for youth to go on.

We then walked back to the marina where we were staying and explored the amenities.  Brunswick Landing Marina touts itself as a liveaboard’s paradise.  See, a lot of marinas don’t really like people like us.  They want boats that are there without people living on them.  But not this marina!!

There is free laundry, free wifi, free water to fill our tanks and clean down Maverick, free pump-outs to take our human waste off the boat and a yacht club with a ton of activities.

This yacht club is amazing. They have free beer on tap with instructions on how to change out the keg when it runs out.  You can grab a PBR whenever you want! They also have free wine three nights a week, where people bring an appetizer to share, partake in the wine and meet the other people at the marina.  They have yoga at 9am.  Cribbage on Tuesdays.  Movie night on Thursdays.  Like I said…a ton of activities.

As we were walking to the yacht club, we noticed our friends John and Sue on Five Islands (their boat) had arrived.  We met this Australian couple in St Augustine.  They brought their boat to Brunswick because they are going to haul it out of the water and fly back to Australia for an extended period.  Their daughter is getting married and they have other things to take care of as well.

I don’t know if it is the accent or something more, but they remind me of my host family from when I lived in Australia.  Every time I am around them, I feel at home.  They have been cruising for 6 years and have a ton of experience.  We caught up with them for a little bit and then headed onto the yacht club.

After checking it out, we went back to our boat and did some work for a while before happy hour started.

On our way to happy hour, I was a little nervous, but John and Sue were already there and they quickly introduced us to people.  It was really cool to get to talk to a bunch of people who all live on their boats but in all different scenarios. Some don’t leave the dock, some are on power boats, and some are passing through.  We ended up staying until almost 9 pm and only left because we were starving.  We were having fun talking to everyone. 🙂

If this day is any indication of the rest of our lives, it is going to be a great life.


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      Awhile ago, you were like I can’t wait until you don’t know what day of the week it is. I think I am pretty close to that point 🙂

  1. I know you are looking to see the rest of the world, but why would you ever leave this place???

    1. Precisely because we’re unemployed and there is free beer on tap. I’m one decision away from becoming an alcoholic every minute of the day!

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