Learning from Other Boaters

We woke up this morning and worked around the boat.  Dan worked on the engine trying to figure out what was wrong and I worked on bookkeeping.  It was a pretty uneventful morning but that afternoon we went over to the marina where Gaelen and Sherry’s boat, Shenanigans, is at.  Their marina has a swimming pool!!!

We got to hang out in the pool with Gaelan (Sherry was out of town) all afternoon.  Swimming in the ocean is nice but there is something about being in a swimming pool. We had the pool to ourselves which was very cool.  A huge benefit to working flexible hours is you can enjoy things when other people are at work. Sorry to all my friends who are at work. Haha!! ;P

After swimming for a while, we went back to Shenanigans and hung out. Gaelan and Sherry have been sailing for a long time and have been doing charters on their boat for several years.  They typically take a group of people out for a couple of hours for a sunset cruise, surprise engagements, beach days, and harbor cruises.

They have a different perspective on sailing because they constantly have people who have never sailed before on their boat. They are way more safety conscious about making sure things cannot be switched on/off by accident or other things that most people who own boats don’t really think about…like where to put your hands when you are coming up the ladder from the ocean so you don’t pinch your fingers.

When we headed back to Maverick, I saw a gentleman who had been docked next to us in St Augustine.  I didn’t really get to know him in there, but I recognized his face.  We stopped and talked to him for a little bit but he was on his way to dinner with his brother.  We decided to go to the same place in part because I wanted to find out their story.

It turns out that the guy who owns the boat, Watercolor, also owns Brick Oven, a pizza place from Austin, TX.  When I found this out, I wondered if any of my friends or siblings have ever been there. I love finding these kind of connections.  🙂

These two brothers were heading up the coast bringing the boat north before they both had to head back to work.  They were both on a short leave from their businesses and were trying to travel quite a bit each day, but they had run into a problem the day before. They had sucked up a line in their bow thruster.  Some boats have bow thrusters at the front of the boat that pushes the boat side to side. For really big boats this is a necessity to be able to maneuver in tight spots like when docking.  It makes it so you can get pretty close to parallel to the dock and then turn the bow thruster on and it will nicely push you up to the dock.

Well, they got a line tangled up in the bow thruster!!  I am not sure the extent of the damage, but it is very expensive if they have to replace the whole thing 🙁

We do not have a bow thruster but it is a good lesson to remember.  Machines don’t like lines getting tangled up in them.


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