Happy Birthday, Dan!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dan and I talked about going to bed for a couple of hours last night which pushed our sleeping back to 12:30am. We 90% wanted to keep drinking boxed wine and talk about nothing, and 10% wanted to wait until the tide turned around to see what would happen we swung back around in the channel. A small catamaran pulled up and anchored pretty close to Maverick so we were curious how close we’d swing next to them.

Yesterday, it was 95 degrees, 99% humidity, and felt like 123 degrees according to the weather experts. My bed felt moist just touching it to get into it so I decided to sleep in the cockpit. That only lasted half an hour until I wanted to be back in my soft bed. Most nights we go to sleep with the boat pointed south and the winds coming from the south. Since Maverick’s hatches open to the bow it works out well since a good breeze is caught and pushed down into the boat. Since we stayed up so late last night to wait for the boat to spin around north, we didn’t get the breeze while we were falling asleep. Even super buzzed from all the wine I had trouble sleeping. Isn’t alcohol supposed to enlarge your blood vessels, cause you to lose heat, and cool you down? Didn’t work. Maybe I should drink a lot more next time.

I don’t remember my daily 6am alarm going off, but at 7:30am Dan turned on the generator. My first thought was, “Awesome! I can sleep in the A/C for the next two hours!” Then it struck me that it was Dan’s birthday and we were going to head to the beach, so I popped out of bed.

We had Poinsettias (champagne and cranberry juice) with our breakfast while we listened to a birthday playlist on Spotify. Brandy made a birthday cake for after dinner and I’m super excited about it.

The breakfast preparation has become immensely more difficult since I threw the pan overboard. I’m using the pressure cooker pot and it’s not non-stick. Additionally, it’s deep so my arm gets unbearably hot as I stick it in to try and keep stirring often enough to not let much stick.

On the deck of the boat we were getting ready to go to the beach and I wanted to take some drone footage of us on the dinghy ride over. I set the drone up on the front of the boat and launched it. The wind blew it backward a bit so I throttled it forward to compensate. It was too much so I panicked and in the midst of it forgot how the controls worked. I increased the altitude, hit a line, the drone’s propeller caught it, it spun around 360 degrees and looked like it was going to launch over the side of the boat and crash. Instead, it miraculously leveled back out and stopped to hover. It was drifting back to the line again and without thinking I reached out to grab it. It cut my right finger and I looked down to see blood already dripping from my finger. My first reaction was to clench my fist and go tend to it, but I didn’t want to lose the drone if it hit something and fell into the ocean. So without thinking again, I swat it like a fly to knock out of the air. It worked. It fell down on the deck of the boat and shut off, but I also got another whacking from the propellers. Initially, there was quite a lot of blood, but after dunking it in the ocean it stopped and didn’t look bad at all. I got super lucky.

The whole thing was a comedy of stupid. I’d like to blame it on the alcohol at breakfast, but I didn’t have enough to even lie to anyone else about it, much less myself. I was just an idiot.

We took the dinghy to shore and went to hang out in the ocean and drink. The water was remarkably colder than a few days ago, much more akin to the experience in St. Augustine. At first, we remarked to each other about the temperature as if it were a complaint, but instantly submerged ourselves the second we remembered how hot we were the night before. It was chilly, and marvelous. The seas were super calm, almost flat. It made for perfect drinking and talking conditions since there weren’t many waves that would come over our heads and no riptide pulling us over.


We made up a drinking game of drawing a target of concentric circles in the sand and throwing sea shells into it. If anyone made it on the outside circle we all had to drink once, twice for the next ring, and three times for the middle. When Brandy initially drew the target I thought it was entirely too close…because I excel at everything, including games we’ve just made up and I’ve never played. However, given the limited number of sea shells nearby, their small size, and the breeze that caught them mid-flight, it was pretty difficult. I enjoyed the game immensely and am sure we’ll take it around the world and teach it to countless sailors. Tune into the 2020 Summer Olympics to

catch a match as I’m sure it will catch on enough to debut then.

A storm blew in on us at the beach again today. It seems to be the norm here this time of year, given our experience thus far, but today’s was incredible. It blew in at such a rapid speed we barely had time to notice. Dan was talking to the couple in the catamaran anchored next to us and didn’t even notice until he had to run back our way at the last second to try and keep stuff dry.

Back at the boat Dan did a couple of quick projects. We talked earlier today and agreed to motor/sail out tomorrow to test the engine smoke. Dan’s made a few tweaks and we’re hoping it solves the problem. If so, we may head out to the Bahamas soon, if not, we’ll likely be in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami for the fuel injector cleaning.


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