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Thursday, July 27, 2017

I slept like a baby after a night of chocolate whiskey and sleeping in the A/C. We all woke up around 7:00am or so and plugged away at our respective projects. Brandy worked on some bookkeeping, I worked on a business I’m trying to startup, and Dan researched the market. The boat ran aground into the mud near low tide the night before so we wanted to wait until near high tide to try again, 1:00pm.  We had some time to kill.

Click. I didn’t hear it even though I was sitting on the couch right above it. Dan’s ears are highly attuned to every little sound the boat makes and he can often be heard asking, “What was that?” I was too engrossed to notice, but when Dan heard it he jumped up and went outside to confirm what he suspected – the A/C compressor had cycled off and it was no longer pumping water. Something was wrong and for the second day in a row, Dan had to spend a few hours in the morning trying to fix a new problem and making little progress.

Dan and Brandy moved onto the boat around the end of January and I came on full time at the beginning of April. During that time Brandy and I have both twice left the boat for various trips, but Dan has been on the boat every single night. And during that time he has solely been responsible for working on or coordinating 99% of the work. Anything that requires brainpower is up to him. Brandy and I help where we can, but it’s mostly limited to mindless labor and nothing technical in nature. After 6 months of getting the boat ready and then having three major problems surface (engine smoke, generator water leak, and A/C compressor crap out) when we thought we were finally ready to take off, it was taking it’s toll. He’d much rather be learning about financial markets, taking and editing pictures, or making videos and all I can do is stand by helplessly and watch because I still don’t understand things like the difference between voltage, amperage, watts, and current despite him explaining how it works several times. I felt bad.

As we neared noon I went up top and cleaned up the cockpit, cleared off the deck, pumped out the dinghy and moved it around to get us ready to launch. We left at about noon and set off back up the creek where we hit ground the night before. It was an easy trip and the high tide gave us plenty of clearance. The clouds were out, there was a slight mist, almost no breeze, and the water looked like glass. It was perfect outside.

A couple of hours later we made it to the Brunswick marina. A boat passed us on the way and hailed over the radio to let us know it was overtaking us. He noticed Maverick was registered out of Ft. Worth and oddly enough, so was his. It seemed odd given Ft. Worth likely doesn’t have many ocean faring boats registered to it. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be more common than I think.

We didn’t expect to ever see this marina again, but we’re back. Dan immediately went to work trying to fix the A/C. On the anchor in the middle of a channel or cove, you’re afforded some sort of breeze if any is present at all. This helps cool the boat a bit. In a marina, however, all the nearby land, buildings, and boats block a majority of the breeze resulting in much more hot, stagnant air. Not having the A/C was going to make for very hot days in the Georgia summer.

I went back to work on my business and Brandy did laundry. Luckily, Dan was able to get the problem resolved after a couple more hours of troubleshooting. He still isn’t positive what he did to fix it other than “jiggle a switch.” Either way, it was a big relief.

We spent some time planning out our next move and decided it was best if we order the pump needed to fix the generator and stay in Brunswick until we get it done. We need the generator to make electricity and keep the food cold so this marina is as good as any. Looks like we’ll be here for a few days!

We walked downtown and went to a great little sushi place and I had what was probably the best pho of my life. Brandy ordered a few things and didn’t like any of them.

The marina has a pretty active social scene. The main lounge has couches, televisions, and free PBR on tap (I think Brandy mentioned this in a previous post). They have annual parties, potlucks, free wine at a few happy hours a week, and on Thursday they have movie night. Dan went back to the boat to relax, and I stopped off at a restroom before meeting Brandy at the lounge. While Brandy was on her way, she overheard a couple of older ladies at a nearby dock and sent us this text message:

Also I heard these two ladies yelling at each other. One said the other’s boat was trash. The other said, you asked me not to talk to you and now I am asking the same.

The thought of a couple of grandmothers acting like they’re in middle school is hilarious. I hope we see more of it.

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