Brunswick to Ft. Lauderdale (Part 2)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 2 to Ft. Lauderdale

…my alarm went off for my midnight shift and I shuffled up the stairs just in time to see Brandy throw up outside the cockpit. I think it was that shift. It was raining. I think it was that night. Brandy went downstairs. Dan gave me a run down of the situation. The boat slammed up and down in the waves. My head slammed up and down as I fought to stay away awake. I don’t remember much. Back to sleep at 2am. Or whatever sleep I could get in those conditions.

Somewhere in the next four hours the waves calmed and the boat came to a gentle rock. Sleep finally came in more than 10 minute stretches although I couldn’t tell you when that started. All I remember was walking up to the cockpit, fighting through the haze of weariness, and being thankful it was calm. The sun started to come over the horizon almost immediately. My first overnight sunrise! It couldn’t have been more perfect. I wanted to soak it all in and remember it forever. I admittedly didn’t pay as much attention to the charts and just kept watching the sun rise and rise painting oranges and reds in the clouds. I kept thinking about the old salty saying, “Red skies at night, sailors delight. Red skies in the morning, sailors heed warning.” Couldn’t be more wrong. My two hour shift was flawless. But, oh, was I happy to go back to sleep at 8am!

Not much else in the day stands out. I wanted to catch another big fish after the excitement the night before. We moved closer to shore to catch smaller waves. A rainstorm or three passed by. I mostly just wanted to squeeze in some sleep whenever I could.

Brandy’s been trying to train Dillon to use a piece of Astroturf as a bathroom on the back of the boat, but he isn’t having any of it. This day, he was 30 something hours into holding it and Brandy wanted to keep him up in the cockpit so he wouldn’t do the deed down below. The turf was on the floor and he mainly hung out on the benches.

At one point, Brandy went below, Dillon was sitting next to Dan, and Dan was teaching me something about the charts. All of the sudden Dan heard something amiss, looked down and saw Dillon peeing on what was the most occupied spot in the entire cockpit. Just below his stream was Brandy’s phone, a pillow, chair, the bench cushion, and almost Dan. Dan quickly pushed him off onto the turf where he hesitated and then finished his duty. He did not want to get his mat dirty. About 5 minutes later he needed to poop and Brandy had to put him on his mat. Again, he hesitated because he didn’t want to get his mat dirty, but reluctantly finished. Poor Dan. Poor Brandy. Poor Dillon.


    1. It is really hard for me that he won’t go though. He held it for 36 hours, then for 24 hours and then until we got here. We were out to sea for 66 hours. 🙁

  1. I’m enjoying all of the stories and I’m excited to see where y’all roam next!

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