Ft. Liquordale

Saturday, August 5 – 16, 2017

We spent a week and a half in Ft. Lauderdale doing boat projects. The main reason for being in the area was because we needed to clean Maverick’s fuel injectors in another effort to rid the exhaust of the white smoke we’d been spewing. Dan and Brandy took sailing lessons on Grapevine Lake in TX at a school owned by a gentleman they still regularly keep in contact with, Scott. Scott’s currently employed as one of the most tenured crew chiefs at American Airlines based out of Miami and our “go-to man” for any question electrical/mechanical related…he’s fielded A LOT of questions from us.

In addition to the long AA career and previously having owned a sailing school, he owns a boat currently in the British Virgin Islands that he lives on part time, owned and piloted a small aircraft, and was a competitive BMX racer in his younger years. He’s a super interesting guy with boundless energy, a knack for making friends with and offering a lending hand to anyone he crosses paths with, and has a “can do” attitude about literally any challenge he sees. I’ve spent time with him on a few sailing trips and he literally can’t finish a cup of coffee without getting distracted by a problem that needs tending to or a chore that needs completing. He’s as productive as five mere mortals.

Anyway, he taught us how to remove, clean, rebuild, and reinstall the injectors. Additionally, we ended up caulking some stuff in the kitchen, better ventilating the holding tank (sewage), cleaned the bilge, and changed out the water pump on the engine. Brandy and I also worked on our respective businesses in addition to the routine chores of groceries, laundry, cooking, etc.

Our marina was two blocks away from what I can only imagine was one of the busiest beaches in Ft. Lauderdale (or Ft. Liquordale as one waiter informed us). It was like spring break with crowded beaches and people drinking at the restaurants/bars up and down the main strip. Dan, Brandy, and I ate out quite a bit and went for walks along the boardwalk.

Caitlin flew in on a Friday, stayed through the weekend, and we celebrated her birthday. Scott had let us borrow his car while he was back in Dallas, so I picked her up from the airport before taking her back to the boat and surprising her with presents she had to scout out while dressed as a pirate. The following day, we went to brunch and had bottomless mimosas for a few hours before taking the water taxi around town for the rest of the day.

We’d planned on leaving the following Tuesday, but postponed departure for a couple of days because (at the risk of sounding too prissy) the A/C stopped working. Now, the A/C isn’t a necessity, but if we have one, it’s nice to have it working. That, and Scott offered to come back to the boat and help us. Again, great guy.

We hit the sack early on Wednesday night so we could get up Thursday at 3:30am and finally leave the country!

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