A Fantastic Day

Written by Brandy:

The day started off like any other day.  I got up, drank my coffee, and started working on my bookkeeping business.  Who knew it was turn into a fantastic day.  Half way through the morning, I asked Dan and Corey if they wanted to see if other cruisers (people who live on their boats) wanted to go have a bon fire tonight.

Dan and Corey thought it might not be the best idea because it is pretty windy today. So, I asked them if they wanted to do something else and Dan suggested playing bocce ball on the beach this afternoon.  I thought that was a great idea so I started sending out messages to cruisers.

I asked our friends Jenn and John from Friendship (their boat) and I sent a message to two other boats (Shiloh and Alley Cat) who I only sort of knew because a mutual friend introduced us via messenger the day before.  Jenn and John invited some more people and those people invited other people.  By the time it got all said and done, I think there were about 10 sets of cruisers who came out to the beach.

We played bocce ball, which some of the people knew as a different name or had played with different types of balls then we had.  We also played volleyball, which was a lot of fun because we were all terrible so there was lots of laughing.

We got to meet people all sorts of people.  People who had lived on their boat for 6 years and others who were brand new to their boat.  Some were from faraway places like Australia, South Africa, and Germany and others were from some not so faraway places like Missouri and North Carolina.

Everyone was different.  Some were on very expensive boats and some were on very inexpensive boats.  Some were our age and some were retirement age.  Some had kids on the boat with them and some had grown kids back home.

Even though, we were all so different and had lived very different lives before moving onto our boats. We all had one thing in common.  We knew what it was like to take the leap, live on a boat and go explore.

I have been feeling very homesick lately and missing all my friends and family. But today, I didn’t miss home so much.  Today, I felt like I had family around me.  Granted, I just met some of these people but it amazing how quickly you can grow a friendship when you are all in foreign country trying to live on a boat.  People pretty much try to help each other out.  They share tips and tricks of how to do things, like where you can get free wifi and how you add money to your BTC sim (Bahamas cell phone service) along with all sorts of solutions to boat problems.

When I first moved on the boat, I got super annoyed with people who just told me what I should do.  For example, people might tell you the way to go through a channel after you tell them you are going somewhere. I thought they were condescending and acting like know-it-alls.  Now, I have a different perspective.

We have learned so much the hard way.  When I hear anyone thinking about doing something we have done or having a problem even close to ours, I want to tell them how to possibly fix it or tell them to watch out for XYZ, so they don’t have to learn the hard way too.

We went to the beach around 1pm and didn’t leave until the sun went down.  I was having so much fun talking with everyone and playing games that I didn’t want to leave.  But when you live on your boat, you really try to get home by the time it gets dark.

Where we are and where we are going

Right now we are at Shroud Cay in the Bahamas, which is across the bay from Georgetown.  Our sort-of-plan is to go to Emerald Bay on Thursday and stay at the marina.  There, we can get free laundry, fill up with fuel and water, and get groceries before we leave this area.  We plan on going to Long Island (Bahamas….not New York hahaha) on Saturday morning.

We met a couple, Susan and Thomas, from Germany who are also heading to Long Island on Saturday so I think we will make the trip together.  Once we get to Long Island, it may get really windy so we talked about waiting it out in the same area.  They are heading to Jamaica for Christmas and we are heading for Turks and Caicos so we will eventually part ways, but it will be nice to have someone nearby that we know.  And so I can attempt speaking German to them!!!!!!! I pretty much flubbed the first time but I am willing to look like an idiot again and try some more.

I am excited to continue on our path and get to a new country, but I just met all these cool people and I sort of want to stay and hang out for a while.

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  1. Sounds like something that happens in movies on the Hallmark channel crossed with the Travel channel!

    1. Author

      It would have made for a great clip! I wish I had taken more pictures!

  2. Sounds pretty exciting! Glad yall are loving it so much 🙂 we wise you here but I love hearing about all your adventures!

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