Grocery Shopping Adventures

Written by Brandy

Wednesday 12/6/17

Most of the day was pretty boring from an outsider’s perspective.  I worked on my bookkeeping business and Dan and Corey looked at the stock market, played games, read and surfed the net. Basically we sat around all day not really doing much.

That night Dan and I joined a couple other cruisers for dinner.  Mary Beth and Mike from the boat Paradise Found were heading back to the states for a week and by the time they come back to this area, all the rest of us would be gone.  The thing about making friendships in the cruiser world is that someone is always leaving.

When I hugged Mary Beth goodbye, she said I will probably never see you again.  I was shocked because although it was true, I hadn’t really thought about it.  In my mind, one day I will see everyone again.  I wish that everyone we met were on the same journey as we are and we would see them at the next destination!

I started thinking about the friends we made in St Augustine and along the way and I wonder if I will ever see any of them ever again.  A little voice inside my head says probably not. However, I push that little voice away and live in an imaginary world where I will see everyone again.

Thursday 12/7/17

We woke up in the morning and got the boat ready to go.  We were leaving to go get groceries in Georgetown and stop at the marina at Emerald Bay to fill up with water and fuel and do laundry before heading to Long Island. We left the anchorage around 8 am and made it to Georgetown in what seemed like 30 minutes.  It was so fast!!

After we dropped the anchor, we headed into town on our dingy.  It was very wavy and you had to use some skill to get from the boat to the dingy as it was moving left and right and up and down quite a bit.  Getting groceries is always an adventure!

In the Bahamas, I have learned a couple of things at the grocery store.  1.  They do not take items out of a basket.  You know, when you carry around a small basket and you put that on the conveyor belt and the cashier pulls the items out and scans them.  Don’t do that here.  You pull all of the items out of the basket and put them on the conveyor belt.  2.  They are really worried about theft so they have tons of systems in place to make sure theft doesn’t happen.  For example, you almost never put your groceries back in the same cart as you used when walk around the store.  Some places will check your receipt line-by-line as you leave.  3.  They really don’t like credit cards.  Almost always they will take your card, go to a back room and do something.  That always makes me nervous because they could be writing down your card number.  But what can you do? I guess not use a credit card, but I am not going to carry thousands of dollars in cash on the boat.  Anyway, I am digressing.

After we filled up with as much groceries as we thought we could carry back to the dinghy, we went to check out and I learned another new thing. After putting all the items on the conveyor belt and putting the bagged groceries into a new cart, I went to go put the old cart back.  As I was bringing it past me, the cashier stopped me.  I was not allowed to bring the cart all the way through past the check out.  I think this is a way for them to protect against theft.  Dan ended up bringing the cart back through the store on the inside of the checkout counters.

It is different here because people don’t buy a lot of groceries all at once.  We on the other hand always buy a ton of groceries at once.  We will have a cart full of food while everyone else is shopping with a basket or just grabbing a couple of items.  This means there are almost never lines at the checkout. I can’t imagine if there were several people with carts full of food in line behind us that they would have a system where you couldn’t bring your cart forward.

I often get embarrassed when I get corrected on something like that.  I feel like they think that I am trying to steal or do something bad when I don’t follow the unwritten rules.  I have gotten better about not hanging my head in shame and instead apologizing and asking what is the right way to do things.

I am sure I will make many more mistake as we go along, especially when we get to non-English speaking countries.  This makes me miss home and the familiarity of knowing I am doing things “right” AND makes me happy that I am learning to not care so much about being perfect and getting a little thicker skin.

After getting all the groceries, Dan and Corey ran into Susan and Thomas who were planning on leaving on Saturday, like us, to Long Island.  They said that they were worried about the weather and the anchorage at Long Island.  So Dan looked at the weather again and did some research and we decided to head back to where we were that morning and wait a couple of days.

Where we are and our plan

Right now, we are at Stocking Island and the plan is to be here until Saturday and then go to the marina at Emerald Bay.  We will stay there for two nights and then head south. At this point, we do not know if we are going to head to Long Island or another island.  It will depend on the weather…everything depends on the weather 🙂  We are hoping to be Turks and Caicos by Christmas.

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